Doubleback Winery – Best Vintage Is?

One of the highlights of the Wine Media Conference is always the “Mystery Dinner Excursions.” The routine is very simple, we are whisked away in the dark, but not blindfolded, off to a surprise winery hosting the event. Sometimes the dinner is hosted at the owner’s house. This evening was hosted at Doubleback Winery andContinue reading “Doubleback Winery – Best Vintage Is?”

West Coast Wildfires & Wine Industry

I recently did a brief talk at the Wine Bloggers Conference at Walla Walla.  The talk was on wildfires and impacts on the wine regions in California, Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia. Here is a copy of the slides. I will keep you posted as I will be working on some updated articles on this.Continue reading “West Coast Wildfires & Wine Industry”