Weather and Wine

Operational Meteorologist Michael Fagin has experience in weather forecasting for the wine industry. Also professional presentations and articles published on weather and how climate change is impacting the wine industry.

Power Poobah Providing snow alerts for the Washington Cascades.

West Coast Weather Currently provide custom forecasts on request for wine regions in Eastern Washington, and Oregon. Also provide storm warnings for the Greater Puget Sound area for several government agencies. These alerts cover wind storms, snow events, and atmospheric river events.

PRECISIONFORECASTING.COM 19 years experience of providing  weather forecasts for Napa/Sonoma California. This includes 5 day forecasts and extended 30 day outlooks.  Also provided forecasts for the Greater Portland Area and south into the wine growing regions of the Willamette Valley. Starting in 2022 I no longer provide these forecasts but these forecasts are still issued by the firm.

2021 in Seattle, WA at the Northwest Weather Workshop, Wildfires and Impacts on the Wine Regions of Napa/Sonoma

2020 in Vancouver, BC at the Vancouver International Wine Festival, Climate Change Symposium

2018 in Walla Walla, WA at the Wine Blogger Conference, on Wildfires and Impacts on Wine Industry.

2016 in Lodi, CA talk on Climate Change (US) and Impacts on Wine Industry.


Roller coaster weather for the Northwest in 2022

Washington Wine Region Weather 2022 Weather patterns through August 2022

Look back at the Pacific Northwest’s 2021 Heat Dome What caused this and will this be a typical summer pattern

A Meteorologist’s Perspective on Madeira Wine and its Climate
2018 posted on Around the World in 80 Harvests.

Weather Trends and Climate Change in Walla Walla: Washington Wine Guide 2018, posted on Around the World in 80 Harvests.

Southern Australia: Shiraz – – Tasting the Gems and Thinking About Climate Change

South African Wine:  Cool Breezes + Upwelling = Outstanding Sauvignon Blanc

Chilean Sauvignon Blanc – What Makes This so Special?

Chianti Lovers

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